About the Department

The Department of International Relations was set up in 2012 with the establishment of the Faculty of Political Science. Since its formation, it has developed and become one of the well known IR departments in Turkey. It offers undergraduate IR progmame along with master and PhD programmes in International Political Economy.

Throıgh a study of BA International Relatiopns, students achieve a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics, sources, actors of world politics. Students complete the degree engaged with the conceptual proceses and theoretical frameworks to conduct an individual work on world politics. 

IR programme offers core courses of the field as well as a variety of optional courses from regional politics (EU, Middle East, Eurosia, Africa, etc.), to Tuırkish political instiutitons and Law.

All students are encouraged to specialise in a particular area of interests in their fourth year. Dissertation is compusory for BA students to successfully complete the programme.

MA and PhD programmes in International Poltiical Economy expects students to conduct an independent academic work. 

MA International Political Economy is two calendar year (full-time). In the first year, students take 9 courses (4 Fall Semester + 5 Spring Semester). In the second year, students are expected to write a dissertation approved by the authorized supervisors. 

Phd International Poltiical Economy students take 8 courses (4 Fall Semester + 4 Spring Semester) in the first year. After successfully completing courses, they are expected to pass 'Proficiency Exam' to start their dissertations. The exam is composed of a written and an oral part. In the next stage, students start their dissertations. 

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