Letter from the Chair


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of International Relations at Marmara University. At the undergraduate level, we offer a Bachelor degree in International Relations. At the graduate level, we offer the Master of Art (MA) degree and doctoral degree in International Political Economy.

International Relations is the discipline essential to understand the changing world. The Department offers a supportive environment in both socially and intellectually. We teach students what international politics is and how it works.  Students learn and develop ideas, practices and processes shaping the world. The language of education is Turkish and English together. Minimum 30% of total courses are in English. The structure of the department offers a wide variety of compulsory courses in IR theory, regional politics, international organizations, political science as well as elective courses focusing on several dimensions of world politics and language classes like Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish.  

As a student, you will be able to take advantage of many possibilities, such as exchange programmes with many universities in Europe. We also collaborate other universities, research centres, governmental and non-governmental institutions to organize academic conferences, internship programs and panels in various topics. An education at Marmara University in Istanbul offers a good experience for prospective students intellectually and culturally. Every year Istanbul hosts considerable number of academic, political, social events which students can participate. Our faculty is located in the Asian side of this inspiring city.

On behalf of the department, I invite you to further explore all that our department has to offer, on the web or in person. Please feel free to send us your questions concerning studying International Relations (BA) and International Political Economy (MA & PhD).


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